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  • Grandma's Day Out/Spare Robot

    Robot & Monster: "Grandma's Day Out/Spare Robot"

    Robot's Grandma comes for a visit, and he creates another robot to do his bidding.

  • Litterbug & Model Citizen

    Robot & Monster: "Litterbug & Model Citizen"

    Monster becomes Robot's lawyer, and Robot becomes a model.

  • Doctor? No! & Monster Invention

    Robot & Monster: "Doctor? No! & Monster Invention"

    Marf bites Robot and causes him to face his greatest fear - the doctor! Meanwhile, Monster invents the best back scratcher ever!

  • Security Risk & Ogo's Birthday

    Robot & Monster: "Security Risk & Ogo's Birthday"

    Robot & Monster try to fight off thieves with a high tech security system, and visit a gross sewage plant too!

  • Marf Won't Go!

    Robot & Monster: "Marf Vet"

    Marf will stop at nothing to avoid going to the vet!

  • Robot & Monster Opera!

    Robot & Monster Opera!

    Hear this classic Opera dedicated to our favorite oddball duo - Robot & Monster!

  • Bacon on Bacon on Bacon!

    Robot & Monster: "Bacon"

    Could there be anything better than bacon?

  • Baconmas: Holiday Story

    Robot & Monster: "Baconmas: Holiday Story"

    Ogo tells you the story of Baconmas and how it came to be!

  • A Better Marf Trap: "Ogo's Weekend Plans"

    Robot and Monster: "A Better Marf Trap: Ogo's Weekend Plans"

    Ogo tries to convince Robot and Monster to spend the weekend with him. However his plans don't really appeal to the duo.

  • "J.D. Loves Gart: Get in Line!"

    Robot & Monster: "J.D. Loves Gart: Get in Line"

    Both Robot and Monster want to give J.D. presents, but find out that they're not the only ones wanting to do so.

  • The Bacon Tree: Grow Your Own

    Robot and Monster: "The Bacon Tree: Grow Your Own"

    Robot and Monster decide to grow their own bacon.

  • "The Party: The Reveal"

    Robot and Monster: "The Party: The Reveal"

    Robot unveils his newest invention that could potentially revolutionize the family business.

  • Apartment 3 1/2 & Don't Walk

    Robot & Monster: "Apartment 3 1/2 & Don't Walk"

    Monster makes an imaginary friend and loses his walking license.

  • Monster Invention: Head Scratcher

    Robot and Monster: "Monster Invention: Head Scratcher"

    Monster's invention outshines Robot's at the Makin Bacon!

  • Security Risk: 100% Safe

    Robot and Monster: "Security Risk: 100% Safe"

    After a break in, Robot installs a security system that makes their home 100% safe!

  • Cheer Up, Mr. Wheelie: Out On the Town

    Robot and Monster: "Cheer Up, Mr. Wheelie: Out On the Town"

    Robot and Monster think that if they can get Mr. Wheelie out and about, he won't raise their rent!

  • Speeding Ticket: Sky Cops

    Robot and Monster: "Speeding Ticket: Sky Cops"

    Robot and Monster become cops for a day!

  • Nobody Panic: The Bacon Flipper

    Robot and Monster: "Nobody Panic: The Bacon Flipper"

    Robot builds a machine he calls the Bacon Flipper Over-er.

  • Between Brothers: A Warm Welcome

    Robot & Monster: "Between Brothers: A Warm Welcome"

    The new landlord makes Robot and Monster's home a very, very warm place.

  • Monster's Great Escape: A Pranky Day

    Robot and Monster: "Monster's Great Escape: A Pranky Day"

    When Monster gets cranky, he refuses to let Robot cheer him up.

  • A Better Marftrap: Mighty Marf

    Robot & Monster: "A Better Marftrap: Mighty Marf"

    Something is living in Robot and Monster's wall... And it is MAAAD!